Eileen Koch & Company Inc. Welcomes Cenegenics of Beverly Hills

Eileen Koch & Company Inc. Welcomes Cenegenics® of Beverly Hills, Leading Center of Age Prevention and Healthy Living


LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 18, 2014) - EKC proudly announces representation of Cenegenics® Beverly Hills, Los Angeles' first age management & hormone replacement center. Founded in 2014, the company is revolutionizing our culture's attitude towards aging and health by offering innovative, out-of-the-box programs custom-tailored to improve one's long-term well being. Cenegenics® combines traditional methods such as fitness training and diet planning with treatments designed to combat hormone deficiencies that occur naturally as we get older, resulting in reduced risks of age-related conditions, higher mental functioning, increased strength and stamina, and an upswing in emotional health.

"When I reached middle age I realized there was a better way to deal with health than the medical paradigm I had been taught in medical school," says Dr. Paul Campion, MD, and President of Cenegenics® California. "I like to think that we still honor our elderly. What better way to help them than to teach everyone early enough how to do it healthfully and gracefully?"

A comprehensive package

Cenegenics'® comprehensive package begins with a thorough examination of the body. Their Elite Health Evaluation establishes an individual's hormonal, metabolic, nutritional and physical baseline. These results are then used to develop a medical program (including fitness, nutrition tips and careful monitoring) specifically tailored to maximize long-term benefit in accordance with the client's personal needs.

The Cenegenics'® team also includes James Grogan, Director of Operations - California, and Jenn Zerling, Fitness & Nutrition Counselor, who relish the opportunity to combine their passions for health with the scientific angle of their company. Each member brings a unique skill set and wealth of experience to meet their clients' aspirations.

EKC highly anticipates and looks forward to the benefits that Cenegenics® will undoubtedly have on Beverly Hills

EKC highly anticipates and looks forward to the benefits that Cenegenics® will undoubtedly have on Beverly Hills and the greater Los Angeles community!

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